Property Management

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We offer Comprehensive Property Management Services to our Commercial and Residential clients. Our company specializes in managing the quality of the environment of a real estate property or project. With over 15 years of experience in this field, we have developed the expertise to offer our clients a customized approach to maximizing the value of their real estate asset or portfolio. From a single rental property, a large apartment complex or a commercial retail center, we provide innovative real estate solutions as well as tailored preventative maintenance programs. Our Management technique focuses on quality maintenance, cost control, income protection and growth, and solid reporting to the ownership.  All of this is done to successfully reach the goals held by our clients as well as maintain minimal costs on repairs, maintenance and scheduled services while never compromising the image and value of the asset.

Our Property Management Services include:

  • Leasing and Tenant search (including background and credit checks)
  • Rent Collection
  • 24 hour number to call for Repairs and Emergency Services (we have professional personnel in the field every day ready and capable of handling anything that should arise.)
  • Lease Administration (late fees collected, returned check fees, we police Lease rules and conduct periodic property inspections to ensure the property is maintained and protected
  • Escrow Accounts offered (holding of security deposits, pay utilities, pay property taxes, pay assessments, etc.)
  • We offer National and Saint Louis Assoc. of Realtors approved Lease documentation, Tenant Applications & Other contracts.
  • Sub-Contractor Management (maximize the sub’s quality of work while ensuring only the necessary and proper work is completed and that it is done efficiently and effectively.
  • We also constantly monitor market pricing and routinely review and bid your contracted services to ensure market competitiveness and a high standard of quality.

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